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Zen Cart is the art of e-commerce. It is totally free,  open source shopping cart software. It is user friendly and fantastic software for any store keeper. Tipsbangla will help newbie not recommended for expert. You can download latest version Zencart From Here.

We can easily add a new customize page in zencart in a minute see how! Just follow the simple instruction bellow:


1st : Go to “yourdomain/includes/templates/template_default/templates” create a page and named

“tpl_mypage_default.php” without quote. Instead of “mypage” use your desire name (like photos, our_team).


2nd : Go to “yourdomain/includes” and edit “filenames.php” without quote with the favorite editor and find something like

“define(‘FILENAME_DEFINE_PAGE_4‘, ‘define_page_4’);”

bellow this add

“define(‘FILENAME_DEFINE_mypage, ‘define_mypage‘);”

also find something like

“define(‘FILENAME_PAGE_4‘, ‘page_4‘);”

and add bellow

“define(‘FILENAME_MYPAGE, mypage);”

without quote and save the file in the same directory.


3rd : Go to “yourdomain/includes/languages/English”

create a page and named “mypage.php” without quote.


4th : Go to “yourdomain/includes/languages/English/html_includ”

create “define_mypage.php”


5th : Go to “yourdomain/includes/modules/pages” and create a directory (folder) and named “mypage” inside this folder create “header.php” without quote.

Now go to the admin > Tools > Define Pages Editor > Click drop down and select your created mypage and put your content and click save.


How to Rename an existing page: You can easily rename any existing pages in zencart just follow the instructions bellow. Go to


via filezilla or ftp and  rename your desire page say tpl_mypage_default.php this to tpl_somethingelse_default.php

Then edit yourdomain/includes/filenames.php put somethingelse instead of mypge in two line.

Now go to yourdomain/includes/languages/English via ftp and renamed the mypage.php to somethingelse.php

Then go to yourdomain/includes/languages/English/html_includ and renamed define_mypage.php to define_somethingelse.php

Now yourdomain/includes/modules/pages and rename the directory (folder) mypage to somethingelse and all done Enjoy.


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