“Logo is the name for a philosophy of education and a continually evolving family of programming languages that aid in its realization.”
– Harold Abelson
Apple Logo, 1982

New in Graphic/Logo design? See how to make your own design? Open Photoshop preferred version CS5 and click Ctrl+N from keyboard or go to File and Click New will open a new dialog box take this new document. Select elliptical marquee tool and create a circle then fill up with color (color code #2a2723) with the help of paint bucket tool. Now move the circle selection to it’s left till look bellow picture. Make Your Own Design

Now click delete from keyboard. Right click on that layer and click Blending Option then check the box of Drop Shadow and do as shown in the picture.

Make Your Own Design

Now duplicate the layer three times and rotate and position them so that it looks like the picture bellow.


Select the text tools and type your desire text I typed just for an example.

“TracksAndTrails . Ca


Apply Blending Option. First: apply Drop Shadow as above use color code #f9fc05 and select Outer Glow and leave all the options as it is.

Second: Select Gradient Overlay  and click Gradient and take six color stop and fill the color code #d5c00e for four stop and rest of two with pure black as shown in the picture bellow.


Select Stroke enters size 1px and color pure black. If you can do I stated above you will see the picture bellow.circle-05Select line tool and draw lines as shown picture bellow take new layer for each line. Now apply blending option select Gradient Overlay and select color green and select stroke and size 1px, color code #a3ed9d Copy the layer style and paste layer style to rest of the line layers.circle-06Select Rectangular Marque Tool and draw two small rectangular, position them and apply Blending Option as shown in the picture.


Final logo will looks like as bellow. Make your own design and be happy.


PSD free download and edit as you want. You can use it anywhere you want.

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