What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process or technique by which search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Bidu etc) know your website. When visitors search with keywords then search engine will search his directory and show related sites according to SEO. There are many factor. Your site will show in the first page of the search engine only when you do true SEO. There are two kinds of SEO.

1.      On Page SEO

2.     Off Page SEO

Important factor of SEO:

  1. Domain name (It is and important factor for SEO. Use perfect keyword in the domain URL).
  2. Backlink (Try to create more backlink for your website into high PR related websites).
  3. Keyword (Use true keyword for your article).
  4. Visitors (This is what you want regular visitors. Smooth trends no ups and down).
  5. Loading Speed of Site (Try to decrease your site loading time).
  6. Hosting (Try to host your site in best hosting provider).
  7. Easy Navigation (Try to design simple navigation so that visitors can explore your site easily).
  8. Internal links (Try to use some anchor text with internal links)


On Page SEO:

What is on page SEO?

If you want to do on page SEO you need to know about web design and html (Hyper Text Markup Language). The optimization which is done inside the website/page/post is known as On Page Search Engine Optimization.

Which area you need to do optimization for on page?

  1. Meta tag (Blog/Website Title, Keyword and Descriptions)
  2. H1-H6 (Follow the sequence using tag start from H1, H2, H3,–H6.  So title should be H1 and only one time use then use other tag in your content as you wish)
  3. Image Alt tag (Search engine can not read photos/pictures/images directly so put an alt tag about the image ).
  4. Parmalink for URL structure (Select permalink with post name for blog and try to keep it short as possible. Do not practice yourdomain.com/1254a?c as your permalink.)
  5. Name of Page/Post Title (Give a SEO friendly page or post name).
  6. Keyword Based / SEO friendly contents (Use keyword analysis tools use the match and popular keyword but has low competition. I use Google Adwords Tools to find my keyword).
  7. XML sitemap (Creat an XML sitemap and submit in different search engine like Google, Bing etc. You can use plugins for WP Google XML Sitemap plugin I used and working for me fine).
 Meta tag:
How to use meta tag in free blogging platform like blogspot dot com?

First log in to blogspot account. Now click template. Click Edit HTML Under <head> but before closing </head> (That means inside head section) paste the bellow code (two line). Do not forget to put your website keywords and description in the defined area.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Keywords goes here”/>
<meta name=”description” content=” Description goes here“/>

Then click on Save Template.

How to use meta tag in Joomla?

First login to your Joomla account. Click on Global Configuration. Under metadata setting you will find Global Site Meta Description and Global Site Meta Keywords box. You can easily put the description and keyword in the defined box. At last click Save button at the upper right corner.

For WordPress you can use fantastic plugins I use Yoast WordPress SEO. It is easy to use no coding skill is required. You and install it manually or just go to WP admin and install it by searching Yoast WordPress SEO plugins.

Website Title:

In html formats give your page/post title seo friendly.

<title>website title here</title>
In CMS blogging platform you will get the website title box by default.

Name of the Page/Post Title:

In CMS blogging platform you will get the title box so no worried about it and it predefined as H1 tags.

Kyword based Search Engine Optimization friendly content:

First select your subject/heading/title of your post then use keyword research tools you may like Google Adwords to find your best possible keywords for your content. Use keyword inside the content carefully and tactically. So that Search Engine do not detect them as a spam. Never put click here anchor text with link.

If you can configured your site with the above said factor you are done.

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