Top 6 latest free plugins for WordPress to follow in 2020

WordPress is arguably one of the best content management systems in the world. Its effectiveness, efficiency and simplicity gives it an edge over competition. Another thing that makes WordPress stand out is the fact that it is compatible with a number of plugins and web hosts. The fact that you use the woocomerce smart coupons as well as woocommerce product bundles feature is enough proof. Talking about plugins, they are one of the backbones of any website. They are the hidden soldiers that work well to ensure that your website is in optimal shape.

When it comes to plugins also, people tend to have a certain funny idea. They are usually of the belief that paid plugins are always better than free plugins. Although it is true to an extent, it is not entirely true. A number of free plugins are as good as any paid. There are certain to give paid plugins a run for their money. To convince you, here are my top 6 latest free plugins for WordPress to follow in 2020. They are efficient, effective and FREE.


WordPress is the CMS most people prefer. This also means that it has a huge share of attention. Including attention from the wrong individuals. The threat to the security of WordPress based website increased by a whopping 30% over the years. This is the more reason why you need a plugin such as Wordfence. This will help you with firewall protection, login security as well as live traffic monitoring.


It is no news that WordPress and woocomerce have a sort of romance between them. The latest WordPress release features woocommerce. It is so obvious to see why that is the case. Woocomerce remains one of the best bet for building an ecommerce store. This plugins enables you to sell anything you want by providing you with a number of ecommerce options. One of them includes multiple payment options as well as personalized shopping.

Ninja forms

Forms are very important for most websites. It becomes the case if you are selling a product, offering a service or trying to gather information. You can let ninja forms do that for you free. Its friendly drag and drop interface means that you can create any form you want with ease. The forms you create will be easy to use such that web users will not have to reload the webpage to use it.


The speed of your website is very important. Having images on your website is equally as important as the speed. The only problem is that images take up serious amount of space. This is what causes your website to lag and load at a slower rate. With smuch however, that will cease to be the case. This plugin automatically optimizes the images you upload using their server. Most importantly, they optimize the image without reducing its quality.

Envira Gallery

Still on images, there is more to them than optimization. While it is important to optimize them, it is also important to display them. To be able to do so, you need a gallery. This is why Envira gallery is important. This gallery is mobile friendly, optimizes your images to ensure speed and allows you to share your images across social media platforms. With this gallery, you can display multiple pictures at the same time.


Moving your data from one website to another can be a herculean task. With duplicator however, it becomes easy. This plugin will allow duplicate a site with zero downtime. You can move or migrate, move or clone a site between hosts or domains with ease. With duplicator, you do not have to worry about data loss during transfer.

Although most if not all of these forms are free, they have premium versions to which you can always upgrade. This does not off their free versions in any way. Their free versions remain very effective and efficient. The major advantage the premium versions may have will be technical support as well as additional features. These are not the only top free plugins. Many free plugins are out there that are working magic. These however, are my top six plugins.

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