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Hi guys, This tutorial will help newbie who has free blog. Who loves blogging. So it is important to verify your blog in various webmaster tools. For example Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster etc. I will discuss now how you can easily add a site to Google Webmaster and verify free blog ( your Google blog, WordPress Blog or your own domain/website)?

First adding your blog/website:

a.  Go to-   Google Webmasters Tools

b.  Login with your Gmail or id.

c.  From the right up corner click on  Add a site button.

d.  Insert your Blog, WordPress Blog or your own Website URL (You can type manually).

e.   Click Continue button.

verify free blog

verify free blog

 Second Verify your Blog/Website:

Free Google Blog:

a.  Click Verify this site button (see picture).

b.  Click Alternate methods (tab).

c.  Select HTML tag (radio button).

d.  Now copy the <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”7EeOSY-d4aobOnE_9RO3Gju1uGI1gweD8A3KgswaQg8″ /> code it will looks like but may be different.

e.  Go to and login with your details (which you added and want to verify). Click verify this site at the right site of your domain listed.


f.  Now go to your blog ( For example my blog is ).

g.  Click template.

h.  Then click Edit template .

verify free blog

google blog verify

j.  You can see the picture just bellow 4-5 line you can find the starting <head> place the cursor after it and from your keyboard hit enter and paste the meta code you copied from the Google webmaster.

k.  Click Save template.

m.  Back to your Google webmaster and click verify.

n.  Now you will see congratulation message click continue. That’s all Enjoy. (See the picture bellow).


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