15 March, 2015

93/1 Bigertak Aziz Market

Dhaka Cantt, Dhaka-1206

Dear Nuri,

Feeling thrilled to have your lovely letter. I relish knowing that you are in great pleasure. You know that the world today not good at all. Some people are fighting for their own interests. Some people are using the fuel more and more and make global warming. I, we and all of the people in the world want to come from this type of curse. For this intention, I have some keystone that will have beneficial for overcome from this issue. I am writing to you about the world I want to grow in. It will very necessary for all of us.

This world is ours. It is the place where we live. We take shelter here, take water, take clarify air. So we should take care of this world. I don’t know how can I do that but I have some important thought. My mind always says to me that do some good for the nation, for the world. I want that world that is the safe place for all of us.

A world where all can swing beneath green trees. A world where we all can breathe a cool clean breeze, no black smoke. A world where my friends and I can grow up strong. Where our lives are healthy and long. I don’t want to grow a world where I can’t share my thoughts, my plans and dreams with my best friend. I don’t want to grow a world that soon will end. I want to grow a world where the electricity will make by wind turbines, where no smoke, where no stink, no ashes and barely a sound. I want to grow in a world where electricity flows to home and home. I want to grow in a world where the communications will run clear power. Everyone would eat healthy, very little and vegans. No one would drink alcohol, do drugs, no smoke. The smart children would get tied more attention to and have heavier work hard. There would be a cure for cancer, HIV and many others difficult diseases, without having people hair fall out. People would ever know how to prevent various harmful diseases.

Every children’s have their lights of education. There would not cry in any home. Every youth would have work. No man will die for the guilt of doctor. Every nation would have their own satellite for the faster internet line. A world where is no fatal virus. If there is, have cure in time. Every industrialized country will help the poor country. Every child’s would have smile in their mouth. Every mother would get sufficient treatment.

In a word I want to grow in a world where everything is good and where is nothing bad. Where invention new and new technology everyday and be good society, nation and our world. I make an emphasis. That is “No cry, no diseases, only happiness in the world”.

No more today. Tell me your opinion in your return letter. With best wishes to you. Convey my salaam to your parents.


Yours ever

Abdullah Al Rafi


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