Free wordpress themes are good for quick kick start of your own site. There are much free themes in the web/internet but I suggest starting with simple free wordpress templates. While selecting your free theme be careful that how the themes updated? Those themes are not updated within two to three year is not a good sign. Try to avoid this type of theme.

Today I will discuss some simple, clean design, fast loading, responsive, one column best wordpress theme for free downloading you may like. I have setted-up / tested the bellow theme and customization is easy.

#1 OneColumn

free wordpress themes

OneColumn is a basic, responsive (mobile friendly), clean design, one-column free wordpress theme. You can use custom header-image, custom background and custom logo with dropdown navigation.

See OneColumn Theme Details Now


Download OneColumn free wordpress themes

#2 Pachyderm

wordpress free theme

Pachyderm is a basic, cute, clean, responsive micro blogging free wordpress themes.

See Pachyderm theme details at

See the Pachyderm theme details at owners site


Download pachyderm free wordpress theme now

#3 My Notes

my note wordpress free theme

My Notes is a basic, clean, minimal layout, responsive, fast loading, light in weight. This theme doesn’t support for custom logo.

See the My Note theme details now


Download the My Note theme now

#4 Living Journal

living journal wordpress free theme

Living Journal is a simple responsive clean wordpress theme. It supports one sidebar with a dropdown menu support.

See the Living Journal theme details now


Download the Living Journal theme now

#5 Nu White

nu white wordpress theme

Nu White is a white, clean design blog wordpress theme for free. It is a good responsive theme who wants to publish his articles/posts etc.

See the Nu White theme details now

See Nu White theme Preview


Download the Nu White theme now

#6 Clean Retina

clean retina

Clean Retina is a Simple, Clean and Responsive Retina Ready WordPress free Theme. This theme is currently available for the following languages Romanian, Polish, German, French, Swedish & Spanish.

See the Clean Retina theme details now

See Clean Retina theme Preview


Download the Clean Retina theme now

#7 Mosaic


Mosaic is a beautiful, clean design, one column, responsive and lightweight wordpress free theme. That means it is fast loading simple wordpress theme. This theme supports to choose different layouts, shortcode, custom logo, background and topography.

See the Mosaic theme details now

See Mosaic theme Preview


Download the Mosaic theme now

#8 Fruitful


Fruitful is a simple, fast loading, clean design and responsive theme for totally free. This theme is ready for the languages Russian, German, Spanish, French, Vietnamese. Easily upload logo, background, edit colors, header and menu positions, slider, fonts, social icons, footer, custom css and much more.

See the Fruitful theme details now

See Fruitful theme Preview


Download the Fruitful theme now

#9 Newsworthy


Newsworthy is a simple clean design powerful attractive wordpress free theme.

See the Newsworthy theme details now

See Newsworthy theme Preview


Download the Newsworthy theme now

#10 Sundance


Sundance is a responsive, video wordpress free theme. It supports the video post format, widgets, custom background, custom header, custom menus, and a custom link feature for your social media pages.

See the Sundance theme details now

See Sundance theme Preview


Download the Sundance theme now

Enjoy blogging with WordPress and use a clean design, fast loading free wordpress theme.

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