Youtube Downloader Download Video

YouTube downloader download video from YouTube.Com without software just follow the simple step by step tips and tutorial bellow.

The great way to share your video by YouTube.Com. It is a marvelous video sharing website for free. You can register free with YouTube.Com with a gmail account and upload your video (personal and business but remember the  copy-write rules). It one of the great way to share your personal video to your friends and family who live away from you (live in abroad).

1.            Go to favorite video sharing website YouTube.Com. Open the video you want to download to your Computer.

2.            Replace “youtube” with “savemedia” in the YouTube URL without quote and hit enter from the keyboard.

Example: If your video URL is then it should be .

3.            When you press enter it will automatically redirect to SaveMedia.Com website and you will get the screen like the picture bellow.

 youtube downloader download

In this case you need help java software to activate. How to activate java I have written for the article Download video from YouTube with

Now you can see there are two options first one is for video and second one for audio. Caution if you want to save only audio then you need to install software. No worries when you click for download the audio it will redirect download the software.

You can save video extension 3GP, MP4, FLV and WEBM and save audio AAC and mp3 format.

If you bother the above mention method you can till download YouTube videos with SaveMedia.Com. Just copy the YouTube video URL you want to copy and navigate to SaveMedia.Com and paste the copied YouTube video URL into the box and click download by URL now time to activate java and rest of the tips are same.

See the video tutorial youtube downloader download video from YouTube.

3rd Method: for Download Videos From Youtube.

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